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About Me

I started doing massage from a very young age and as I developed and grew in the field of therapy, I began to understand that we are more than just muscles and bones, we are Spirit and Energy, this enlightenment lead me on a journey to dive deeper into the meaning of "human-Being".

It brings me so much joy to hold space for you and others to step into your being-ness and reveal to you your Spiritual Path and meet your Soul-Self.

I am a:

*Qualified Massage Therapist

*Certified Tarot and Oracle Reader

*Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Gestalt Therapist

*Certified Reiki 1 & 2

I am a:

Spiritual Existential Life Coach

Massage Therapist

Tarot & Oracle Card Reader



My believes:

* We are Spirits here to have a human experience.

* Everyone is psychic. 

*It's vital to know thy self and discover your own unique balance and flow.

* Be Your Natural Self.

* We are all unique and here to experience our uniqueness through relationships with everything. 

* Our power is in the present.

* We live to discover the true substance of our lives and to express what's best for our Soul-Selves.

* Our Greatness is acknowledging all parts of our being-ness & living in innocence.

* You know Yourself the best.

* There is great value and strength in facing one's own shadows and fears 


As Above

So Below

As Within

So Without


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