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About Me

I started doing massage from a very you age. As I developed and grew in the field of therapy, I began to understand that we are more than just muscles and bones, we are Spirit and Energy connected to all that is.

I am a:

*Qualified Massage Therapist

*Certified Tarot and Oracle Reader

*Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Gestalt Therapist

*Certified in Moonology 

*Certified Reiki 1 & 2

I am a:

Spiritual Teacher

Massage Therapist



My believes:

We are Spirits here to have a human experience.

Everyone is psychic. 

Its vital to know thy self and discover your own unique balance and flow.

Be Your Natural Self.

We are all unique and here to experience our uniqueness through relationships with everything. 

Our power is in the present.

We live to discover the true substance of our lives and to express what's best for ourselves, apposed to just doing what we think we should.

Our Greatness is acknowledging all parts of our being-ness & living in innocence.

You know Yourself the best.

There is great value and strength in facing one's own shadows - Observing self and the parts you play in life's experiences and situations  

Acknowledge the Law of Attraction & Engage in the law of Non-Resistance,

As Above

So Below

As Within

So Without

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