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Allowing Yourself to Having an Amazing Massage

When we experience physical ailments, the physical condition dictates our mental attitude as our emotions are responsive to our physical condition. We become frustrated, anxious and worried when we are in pain.

Illnesses start at a cellular level, and surprisingly, unbeknownst to our cellular level, we are ever Thriving: Our bodies are always finding alignment, reclaiming balance on a subtle level with powerful intelligent communication from one cell to another.

When we operate at high stress levels, we create blockages preventing the natural flow of cellular intelligence, hindering our natural well-being.

Having a wholistic treatment isn’t about believing in it for it to work….. it’s about ALLOWING it to work - surrendering your mind to the divine intelligence of your cellular body.

I always tell my clients to forget everything they think they know just for the hour of the treatment....detach from everything.

I have had cases where clients were silently chanting mantras or who have continued to think about their 'life and death' situations in treatment. I was unable to connect and work with these clients as their minds were actively creating a whole different 'treatment' which hindered the effectiveness of the massage. I could actually feel their energy body pushing me away, their bodies didn't want to be touched. It's in these cases that clients feel worse after a massage and demise the healing power of massage.

It's so vital to understand that you need to trust your therapist. If you can't trust them, you just increasing your level of stress. You should honour your intuition about your therapist because in massage, the energy is mutual. You feel them and they feel you. It takes courage to be able to be vulnerable and have a complete stranger touch you.. for the therapist as well, they don't know if they can trust you either. Ultimately the Therapist and Client need to have a mutually energetic agree to trust each other for the Highest Good of the treatment.

Massage can be a truly amazing experience, I have been able to channel and communicate on levels far beyond my own understanding. I wish for people to really understand the magic behind massage.

Clients who are allowing, trusting and willing to be vulnerable have a much stronger healing experience. They have reported to feeling much more alert, energized, in alignment with their source energy with "problem-solving" ability.

Have an Amazing Magical Massage Treatment.

I love you.

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