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Going within, with a 1 Card Reading.

This is an exercise to uncover deep seated emotions.

It needs time and patients.... a small warning that if you are doing this work, it can bring up some emotions so its not to be taken lightly, its definitely not for everyone, sometimes deep diving emotions can be like real free diving in the ocean, it is easy to drown and some knowledge is acquired before doing the exercise:

You need to be willing to understand that your thoughts and feelings are not real and that you are truly the creator of experiences - you are a creative powerful Genius.

Give yourself some time to spend alone as you go through this process; complete the exercise to the end.

(Please feel free to message me for emotional support as this work can get quite intense.)

Know that you cannot get it wrong when it comes to personal matter what, because we make it up and there is no right or wrong way.

Our believes merely cannot determine that which is truly right or wrong. Believes are the essence of repetitive thoughts, and we create our thoughts. (Powerful)

The message may not be what we want to hear, consider it's what we need to hear. (We need to change our thoughts 😉.)

The card is from: "Wisdom of the Hidden Realms" by Collette Baron-Reid.

I am sharing with you my own personal reading for today.....

I am having some serious stress about living in the city, how expensive life is, government oppression, and, and, and... so this 👇 was the card I pulled. (Amazing!)

like I said before, I am open for anyone who wants to reach out for emotional support but by no means do I intend to have discussions about politics or anything related. I'm simply sharing an exercise and this is what came up for me.

What's obvious about the picture of the card as it is in the position:

  • Its in the reversed position.

  • Its about 'Self-Sabotage and poverty consciousness'

  • The Fairy-Angel looks emotionally down

  • There is sunlight and green nature going unnoticed

  • Looks like an open jail and the Fairy-Angel doesn't seem to notice that s/he can be free.

Close your eyes and visualize the card, imagine becoming the characters in the picture. Write as much as you can, and make it up as you go along. The more you write and make it up, the more you begin to open up to your own greatness and inner wisdom.

I feel like I am at the bottom of my pendulum swing, I have held the thought of being stuck and imprisoned by city life, oppressed by un-natural laws for so long, its hard for me to see or feel the warm sun....winter is approaching and its as if I a negatively reminded that the option of going on a journey is no longer possible, it pains me to think that in the summer I didn't even take an opportunity to connect with nature, I waited for an opportunity to take a break but the opportunity never arrived. I feel so alone, angry at how society has us twisted out of our natural state, we are unconsciously forced to work in jobs we hate just make money to merely survive. I feel like I am surviving and not living, freedom is out there and not for me, I am here in this state unable to move to bliss and freedom because I am reminded by the existence of a concrete forest that oppresses its people. The energy is negative and fast. At least I have my being-ness but even that doesn't feel comfortable right now. My root chakra energy feels insecure, I feel unsafe in body and the seat of body is unbalanced. I feel alone, no one understands me and I don't understand them. I want to scream and shout but I have to hold it in because it upsets others, all the shouting and screaming I have done is hurting my body, I want to hide and stay in this place, it seems like my only option. This is what I have too - punish myself and live a life of oppression.

(Wow. That was deep.)

Where is my attention: Energy flows where attention goes.

  • feeling stuck

  • un-happy

  • confused

  • frustrated

  • freedom is not real

  • I hate the city

  • suppressed and depressed about where I am.

What Have I created:

  • I created a prison for myself and I country that I hate.

  • I created the belief that I am stuck and that I don't matter.

Belief about Self:

  • I am stuck and imprisoned by a society I refuse to love.

  • angry

  • frustrated

  • disappointed

  • depressed

Belief about Others:

  • continuing blindly to live a life they too hate

  • unhappy

  • cruel

  • full of hate

  • disrespectful

Belief about the World

  • there is more going on than meets the eye

  • the world is but a playground for all the energies we create and playout

  • nothing really matters

*Is it True about how I see things?

  • It's true for me

*Can I absolutely know that's it true

  • No

*How do I react, what happens when I believe these thoughts?

  • I get frustrated, feel suppressed, depressed and feel like I am in prison.

  • The future seems bleak and lonely

  • I treat myself as an outcast, I refuse to make connections with anything around me.

*Who would I be without the thoughts?

  • Free

  • Emotionally free from being uncomfortable

  • Not self sabotaging

  • Abundant and radiating

*Turn it around

  • I am free and I can learn to live and love the society I am in

  • Others are happy and friendly

  • The world is filled with many blessings and beauty ready to be explored

  • The future seems bright and a journey to be taken

  • Nothing really matters and I am safe to Be

*The Work by Byron Katie

What have I learned?

  • Nothing really matters and I don't have to take things so seriously

  • I learnt that my "prison" is my own doing and I only need to look up to see the abundance around me.

  • I learnt that nothing is really real, its only about how I see and perceive things.

What am I over?

  • I am over reacting to what I think I am seeing which is pain, poverty and a controlled society.

  • I am over reacting to the feelings that arouse from my self sabotaging thoughts

What am I bringing forward?

  • Checking in with my energy in motion

  • The ability to look within first apposed to reacting what I think I am seeing.

  • Appreciating that which I do have

  • Looking up and letting go of the need to know and appreciate what is

4 things I can appreciate today looking at this card:

  1. The beautiful glowing sun, I am reminded of newness

  2. Being close to nature, reminding me of my natural self

  3. I appreciate the sense of freedom even though right now I don't feel so free, I appreciate being reminded that I can be free.

  4. The innocence of my inner child

4 things I can celebrate today:

  1. The energy of the sun

  2. My natural self

  3. Essence of freedom

  4. my being-ness, I celebrate taking up space.

What am I creating now?

  • A new sense of well Being

  • A blog post to inspire others going through a stressful sensation

And there it is 😊

I like to use EFT Tapping to anchor what I bring forward, celebrate and appreciate to affirm it into my cellular body.

Thank you Beautiful Ones

Sending you all lots of love and light, acknowledging your Greatness.

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