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Feel Your Feelings

The definition for feelings: emotional state or reaction.

So lets break it down: it is a state of an energy in motion.

Psychologists will say feelings and emotions are an essential part of who we are - which is true in a way, buttttt.... they are ultimately manifested by a belief we had created to make sense of a situation! sooooo...... your feelings are not real 😬 BOOM!

Our thoughts and feelings are not real AND they don't matter! (This I learned from William Whitecloud in Create Your Destiny, I recommend it, its brilliant).

When we make "sense" of a situation, its our ego trying to orientate itself. Our ego wants to know where we are all the time, 'how is it here?' what is going on here?'.

We ultimately hate being vulnerable and we need to own our power - this is the ego.

We are Spirit having a human experience . Experience your emotions, feel them, express them and move on. Avoid giving them reason, this makes things complicated and creates conditions that keeps your energy stuck, and stuck energy festers, it creates dis-ease (diseases). We look for cures for our dis-eases when ultimately its all about feeling your emotion without reason and letting it flow.

We give way to much power to reasoning our emotions and wanting to instill in others how our beliefs matter! When my boyfriend and I try to convince each other about our beliefs and give reasons for our feelings - its a 'shit-show' in our house because it deems one to be 'worthy' and the other one 'unworthy'.

We want to be ever flowing. Look at a river that flows constantly; its water is so clear you can see every rock, grain of sand and the colours are so sparkly creating a sense of freshness, pureness and love. It sparks magnificence. Look at a river that gets blocked up, it has sediment-buildup and its difficult to see sparkling colours, its normally just dull brown or gooey green.

I experienced a great break through with my teacher when we practiced just experiencing our feelings without reason. It was amazing, I felt like that nothing matters, I felt light and a different kind of love that's difficult to explain, I felt I AM-ness.

Enjoy the process.

"When you let your feelings flow freely, you feel alive

Being alive is feeling your feelings". James Van Praagh

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