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What makes you do this ๐Ÿ‘‡? Be Happy ๐Ÿ˜€

What emotions stir up in you as you look at this picture?

Just look at them, laying on the grass laughing and being happy, in full self expression. So joyful. I kind of feel a little jealous seeing them enjoying themselves. I'm envious of how relaxed they look and the time they have to do that.

The emotions that stir up for me:

carefree; freshness; light; present; full self-expression; relaxed; joyful; have time;

on the flip side: jealousy and envy.

Its important to express the dark sides of ourselves too. Without them we wouldn't have a 'full picture'. Shadows help to form images.

The feelings of jealousy & envy reminded me about my positive emotions - so it's good.

Some questions about happiness:

* What do you personally feel makes people happy?

I think when people are able to fully express themselves it sparks joy. When people are kind to one another and when people feel loved.

* Would money make you happy?

I love this question, such a controversial question in our times.

yes and no; yes because money helps us to feel safe, feeling safe encourages the emotion of happiness. I'm not happy when I feeling threatened by poverty, but when I choose to feel happy regardless, I naturally feel safe and magically I manifest riches and then I say I don't need money to feel happy but money helps me to feel safe ๐Ÿคฃ so funny isn't - bottom line is we don't need money to feel happy butttttt..... there' that ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

I have learned that if we have a desire and its strong enough, the money will flow naturally and magically, trust the process, its so true.

* What in my life is positive

My relationship and my career and basically anything I create.

Anything we create in life is positive; its the masculine and action, the manifestation of a desire.

* What brings me happiness / what brings me hardships

Being in innocence brings me happiness. innocence = in no sense, forgetting everything I think I know and just being like a child.

Not being able to fully express myself is my hardship, when I feel I have to hide myself because its deemed inappropriate by a 'right or wrong' belief. Not being heard. When I feel unsafe.

* 10 areas in life that brings you happiness

my business connections I made with people

my relationship my creativity

nature my hobbies

spiritual connection with life and experiencing magic kundalini yoga

studying alchemy blogging

* What would my life be like without blame, if I forgave everybody and every situation

This is an intense question. We are powerful creators, everything we experience is by the creation of our conscious and unconscious thoughts. Sometimes we unconsciously attract assholes into our lives who are not really assholes, but only playing that part because there was a conscious/unconscious attraction and projection from our part (does that make sense?).

We cannot blame people, I know this could be a trigger subject for a lot of people and I'm sorry, but if we look at the whole of what is, we are all doing things to one another to satisfy some or other conscious or unconscious desire.

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