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Happy New Year 2023

I don't know about you, but dam! I am glad to see a New Year.. 2022 was rough.

Just the idea of a new date, 2023, gives me hope and inspires me to get creative.

So how are you doing? How was your 2022 and what hopes and dreams do you have for 2023?

Let's look at 2023 with Numerology and Tarot and 101 Astrology.

2 0 2 3

2's energy is intuitive, sensitivity and all about feelings. The understanding of self, others, life and all creation.

2 is connected with the Moon. She influences our moods, is characterized as the inner nurturer, inspires our intuition and psychic awareness and best described as our subconscious or unconscious.

The two 2's brings balance to this year, however, it must be used appropriately and be recognized, acknowledging ones intuition, sensitivities and feelings.

The 5 of Cups at #2.

#5 symbolizes love and the freedom of expression; and enhances the expressions of the all the other numbers.

In general, the Cups deal with love, emotions, and feelings. Cups reflect our spontaneous responses and our habitual reactions at our emotional level of our consciousness. The Cups also relate to the lunar and tidal cycles of the earth, creating a strong connection with the Moon.

I see cups with the ability to hold anything we wish for. Fill it with that which you desire - creative thought & feeling.

The moon represents the sacred feminine that resides within us all. She reveals our darkest secrets and shadows. She pulls on our emotions making us question our reality encouraging us to feel to know who we truly are. She is cold and gives us the opportunity to go within and hug our souls.

If #5 enhances the qualities of all the other numbers, that means it is enhancing the power of 2.

Our intuition, feelings and sensitive nature is as personal as our finger-prints; only you can feel and think as you feel and think...even though there is a general consensus of "I know how you feel, I know what you thinking" - WE CAN'T EVER REALLY KNOW what others are thinking or feeling but we can work towards UNDERSTANDING each other and that takes intuition, feeling and an ability to be sensitive towards others.

In order to be understanding of others, we have to UNDERSTAND OURSELVES.

In traditional tarot, the 5 of cups shows a person in a black cloak, described as mourning over the cups that have fallen over and not seeing the standing whole cups right behind them.

Part of the beautiful journey that we are embarking on here is that we shouldn't harbor on what is in-front of us, we should be looking with our intuition, feelings and senses (sensitivity).

"you get to choose what you want to see"

2 0 2 3

#3 Governs memory and the ability to support itself and others. It represents alert mental activity and active interests with the ability to apply self to any task successfully.

Associated with 3 is the planet Jupiter: the planet of good luck, optimism, success and generosity. Jupiter is known as the greater fortune; its kingdom is luck, health and happiness. It rules over knowledge & higher learning. Jupiter influences the willingness to partake in life and gather new experiences. Unless you put Jupiter’s gifts to good use and not waste them, they can be taken away as quick as they are given.

9 of Pentacles/Coins

Pentacles represent the material aspects of life. This means it represents finances, possessions, accomplishments, manifestations, our level of abundance. They also represent our bodies, level of vitality, connection to the Earth and Nature, and our genetic heredity.

#9's qualities includes ambition, responsibility and idealism. These 3 aspects must be expressed in balance, this means having an ability to respond to a goal or intention with an inspiring sensation of ambition and with a side dish of perceived perfection, your ideals.

So the way I see it, is that any thought/idea you have will be expanded. If you bring with it a virtue of the "Highest Good", you will create a magical magnificent year.

Make goals for yourself, set intentions, write them down and read them out everyday.

This is not new thing, those familiar with the 'Law of Attraction' and 'Create your Destiny' know the power of this exercise... what I am emphasizing here is that this year will have a powerful impact on your thoughts through your intuition, feelings and senses.

Thoughts are influenced and inspired by our feelings, feelings are influenced and inspired by our thoughts. You get to choose how you want to feel and think. Your environment, your surroundings will be what it is, but your thoughts and feelings will have a strong impact. If you don't choose how you want to feel and allow yourself to be influenced by your environment, you may feel left out, alone and crying about what you cannot change.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

The courage to change the things I can.

And the wisdom to know the difference.

Arrow of Disorder.

Because there are no numbers on the physical plain in 2023, every thought and feeling is theoretical until it is put into action. Taking physical action helps our ideas to materialise, helping us gain order and fulfillment.

Take one step at a time and complete one thing before going onto the next.

The tarot guides us here to be vulnerable and ask for help through counselling or life-coaching, basically finding a Higher Power to guide you through taking practical action.

There is so much power and strength in being vulnerable. Being vulnerable means being without your ego, it means finding the strength within to surrender to the shaking truth that there is no fight, or attack, there is no proving any "wrongs" or "rights". Being vulnerable is an intense sensation of "I don't know and that's okay". It can be so scary and physically rattling to our being, but so necessary to our utmost well-being.

Arrow of Frustration

Frustration: unfulfilled expectations; expecting more from others than being prepared to give.

This year is going to emphasize the lesson of seeing people for who they are and what they are and appreciate them for their own uniqueness. Accepting what is and recognising it as the best for all, for the highest good. Letting go of the emotional demand tied to an outcome.

Tarot guides here to be willing to see things differently.

Love through seeing others as equals, try understand that everyone is doing their best, develop compassion. Being able to communicate openly plays an important part in releasing frustration; find another who you can feel safe with to talk openly with.

Arrow of Passivity

This arrow inspires intense perseverance in order for Greatness to be achieved. Living a balanced and harmonious life with peaceful coexistence is absolutely possible if we stay alert and active and not get lazy or inert. This year will show us that our purpose in life is to learn through experience, so by becoming physically active, we can develop useful habits.

Tarot guides us to strategise a plan of action, don't allow yourself to take on more than you can handle, remember as I mentioned before, one thing at a time. Its going to take great strength to stay in the "Do".

My advise, also the advise I 'give' myself: if it gets too tough, then you have taken on too much. I get super discouraged and become a super despondent couch potato when I feel overwhelmed, its usually because I have a 1000 ideas in my head and I want to do them all NOW because they seem so perfectly organized in my imagination outside of the 'reality' of my daily life..... Do less as long as you just stay in the 'doing of it' one thing at a time.

So in conclusion:

Trust your intuition and take inspired action, always do that which feels right to you.

Magically, doing what feels right to you, is generally for the highest good of all, because that's just the beauty of our diverse and paradoxical existence. We all have to experience our versions of good and the bad one way or another and it usually involves others - so it is, let it be.

Remember that we are all on our own personal journey, doing the best of our abilities.

Hold space for others to be themselves.

Hold space for Your-Self to be yourself.


Have a beautiful year.

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