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How Do I want to Express Myself Through My Business

Through Love. I want to express my business through so much love.

I want people who approach me for readings or massage to just feel love and walk away feeling inspired by a deep spiritual love.

When I started off as a massage therapist I was so self conscious and insecure. I was afraid of not 'being good enough' and I used to pray for Spirit to work through me before each client. Spirit still works through me everyday and I appreciate each of my clients who allow me to be of service to them for the Highest good.

Not only do I want to express love, I want to remind people of their Inner Strength.

To find Inner Strength, we have to accept vulnerability: the state of letting go when the Ego is in power. (If you are a stubborn person who generally never listens to others people opinions, well, vulnerability is that moment when you allow yourself to listen even if you don't want to).

I want to share with people what they need to hear; the deeper meanings and details of the present emotions (energy in motion) for the purpose of serving their Inner Strength.

My intention is to touch the hearts and awaken the Inner Strength of as many people as possible.

My message to the world: "You are a Spiritual Being having a human experience. Let your Inner Spirit shine"

3 words that describe my business:

1) Inspiring

2) Spiritual

3) Loving

Qualities of my business:

Truth with the prospect of positive change.

Self discovery/improvement

Releasing stress and recovery from painful thoughts

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