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Hello Beautiful Ones

I pulled a card for myself this morning and felt inspired to share it.

I was focusing on 'obstacles that keep me from living my Essence' and drew the Hanged Man card. Brief meaning of this card is *Pause *Surrender *Letting go *New perspectives. The first thing that came to my mind looking at this card is that this dude is stuck and he ain't going nowhere (he is now-here ) I feel stuck, I feel I don't have a choice in my circumstances beyond my control. (can't reach the rope to untie myself). So what are our options? Focus only on what we can see and not on what is happening. This is a time for new perspectives: new perspectives are about looking at the same thing from a different angle and giving it a brand new meaning or belief. Seeing something in a different angle and still holding the old belief about it is the struggle of trying to free yourself but only getting tied up more. Delays and pauses in life may seem like obstacles but actually it is giving us the opportunity to see things differently and expand from there - the roses are blooming regardless.

My focus: I am in lockdown. Perspective: I am screwed, I can't give massages. New perspective: opportunity to expand on my other talents like giving readings to people. This delay is giving me ample time to work on my online courses - expanding my knowledge.

(sigh of relief - all is well, nothing lasts forever)

As Above So Below. Let the Magic untie you.✨

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