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Reading For This New Moon Energy

Inspired by Colette Baron Reid, Oracle Circle,

New and Full Moon in Scorpio

November 2020


1. What can I do to support my intention for healing old wounds?

The tower represents what my mind understands, in other words, I created this tower with my thoughts and perceptions. Inside of it is a place I don't understand (not understanding can be having no sense of what is) and that is where the healing is, being innocent 'in no sense' of what I've created. Observing it. Seeing how the old wounds were created by a dysfunctional belief I have about myself.

2. What can I focus on to facilitate my spiritual makeover?

Focus on the Moon

Hold your Vision (how beautiful is that)

Right now, I am doing the Biddy Tarot Grow Your Business Online. Its amazing and has helped me get clear about what I choose for my life. Coincidentally Scorpio is a fixed water sign: rigid and purposeful. :)

3. How can I support my innermost desires?

By stepping up the spiritual ladder not stopping to see "how is everything", just going in innocence, but being totally aware of myself, every grasp and step I take and the experience of moving towards my goal or end result of my choices.

I love it when things comes together.

🤍 Lots of Love and Light

Tarot cards:

'Enchanted Map' by Colette Baron Reid

'Moonology Oracle' by Yasmin Boland

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