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Staying Mindful

Being mindful is so simple and beautiful. It really helps to reduce as you become present and in the moment, there's no thinking about the future or the past in that moment.

So if you are not into meditation, just become mindful. An important part of practicing mindfulness is experiencing Self and living a moment to its fullest in appreciation.

The simple act of just drinking Coffee can be a mindful practice:

- Appreciating where the coffee comes from, the work that was put it to making the coffee.

- Awareness and appreciation of yourself making the coffee;

- Be aware of the sounds that are happening, the smells, what are you feeling as you are making the cup of coffee.

- Take a sip of your coffee and be aware of the taste and smell.

- Bring your attention to your cup, what does it feel like on your fingers, palms and against your lips.

Its about having a full sensory experience in the moment.

Mindful and Soulful.

I practice mindfulness when I colour-in,

I become aware of the colours and what I feel with each colour, how the pencils feel in my hand. I am aware of how I sit and how my body feels, I am aware of my breathing.

The experience amplifies when I colour with my non-dominant hand. Everything changes, the way I feel about the colours change, my demeanor changes, I become my child-self and catch myself just sitting and smelling, fully immersed in the moment.

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