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The Lady of Lightning

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid


What is obvious:

An experience you were in seemed bleak, dark and an apparent shit storm was seemingly brewing within you, but suddenly by surprise, you shifted and your dark experience inspired a divine spark within you.

Descending with a bright light, clearly apparent, you aware of your inner power at your fingers tips. Your crown chakra is open, you are a channel and messages of the Divine inspires (in-spirit) you.

You have shifted into a new paradigm.

Sweet peace and calmness envelopes you, you own a sense of power.

You are mind and soul-full.

You are knowing your inner inspires your outer.

You have ascended from your emotions and descended from your clouded thoughts.

Light: What a mysterious form it is. We cannot touch it, we cannot smell or taste it, we cannot hear it; we can only see it and amazingly it helps us to see more! In Divine essence, light is a vibration, its oscillation so light and fast where higher beings reside. Can you even fathom the vastness of light that resonates around and within you all the time? It's in every cell and atom of our beings. Everything is light, everything is vibration thus concluding that we are vibrations of light and how exhilarating is it to know that we have the power to manipulate this power.

Choice is in its essence the willingly manipulation of light. We can choose where we want to shine our light. We can really. We think we have no choice in certain matters of our life, but we always do have the choice - I have been in so many situations in my life where I just felt I didn't have a choice, that my fate was decided for me.

For now, just enjoy knowing that you are light and that you have the power at your finger tips. You can choose where you want to aim your light and be of service for the highest good.

Being of Service: for a long time this phrase boggled my mind, "be of service" and ever ask "how can I be of service?". I felt this phrase very contradicting to my sense of being. I understand that in giving is receiving, what you put in you get out but, you see, I held the belief that I wasn't worthy of receiving and this is the reason why the phrase didn't sit well with me; my stomach would cringe when spiritual teachers say "be of service for the highest good". My distorted belief of unworthiness lead to the idea I have to be humble to the needs of others, they are better than me, my needs are unimportant but you know, its not like that, my believe is distorted. I am neither worthy nor unworthy - I am that I am.

The belief is not real - its a broken record that keeps replaying and impresses itself into the experiences of the present now.

I am that I am - everything in existence that is exactly as it is without definition.

Lightning is lightning and its going to spark light, its not knowing of unworthiness or worthiness, it just is - divine.

We are Divine my friends. We just are. Without our conscious definitions about ourselves, we can see that we are just divine.

What phrases make you cringe? Can you identify underlying beliefs to recurring events?

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