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Choose a Card

Choose a Card. Its not Hard. All 3 count. But only 1 a knowledge fount :)

What it Means

The Hermit

Found your strength in solitude. Inner reflection is required to enlighten your path, your journey. When the Hermit appears, it is time to stop listening to the voices of others in your head, you are reminded you have a Inner Wisdom, and to hear it, its important to enter into a space of silence. It may be a challenge at first, but it is so rewarding once your lamp sparks by you own accord.

The 8 of Cups reversed

The #8 is above as it is below, it represents balance, wisdom and active independence. In the upright position, this card represents leaving your emotions to discover new, seek that which serves you more. Now in the reversed - you are immersing yourself into your cups of emotion, you are immersing yourself into the already existing energy, instead of seeking out to a higher wisdom, you are turning back to that which you know.

This can be a very positive solution to a problem, apply the wisdom you have to your practical life. Maybe you are not ready to move on yet. It is all good.

The Queen of Pentacles

She is a very nurturing mother. She wants to help you, 'clothe' you and she will make sure you are fed. She inspires you to trust that all energy flows as it will and as it should, hold positive thoughts, feel Mother Earth's nurturing love as you are one with her, focus on how safe you feel and let this energy aspire to your Abundance that is yours by Divine Right.

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