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Unconscious Conscious

In the last 3 months I have been on a journey of self discover. I have been learning about myself on deep levels. It has been exhilarating and scary all at the same time and what a ride, its not over yet, far from it.

This morning I am typing to you from the heart of Israel. So far it has been quiet, thank God. Not only are the rockets, missiles and alarms scary but also the media, especially social media. There is so much hate spreading across the globe right now all because the politicians are taking care of business - war is a business. I see the palestinian women and children cry and I cry with them because a rocket landed in my city next to my house as well. It's fucking scary for everyone, we are all in it. Why should we spread hate crime towards one another because the governments are taking care of business?

This is what I have come to realize in my journey of self discovery thus far, religion and politics create limited beliefs and we are forced to follow them because that is all there is, mindful conditioning. I believe that 70% of our beliefs are conditioned by religious & state laws and fake media. I realized that we practice certain therapies to help us cope with that which is unnatural to our being, neither fully relaxed or overly stressed, just coping. We ignore our intuition and what is obvious for us as individuals, to follow leaders who have convinced us we are not good enough to be self justified and need to be monitored and controlled. We ignore our own personal needs and intuition. I guarantee you that if we were all allowed to just follow our intuition and acknowledge our own personal needs we would have a different world.

individual = in - divide - dual; in this manner of living by our own divine right we are actually then living in duality with all that is.

The true purpose of our Spirit is to experience extreme opposites as one, and create exponentially. (how beautiful is that)

Conscious meets unconscious: coping is life lived suppressing the unconscious - the unconscious is our super consciousness, the true driving force of our experiences. Its the part of us that doesn't stress or fear, it is uncontrolled expression and in an instant will create a reality that freaks-out our conscious. It wants to be angry when we keep telling ourselves to stay calm, it manifests poverty when we pray for money, its that ultimate weird part of our existence that we try so hard to hide away and "work on" when all we have to do is allow ourselves to be! allow our unconscious to express!

I don't even know if I am making sense right now, but I get it and its so weird and beautiful at the same time, two polar opposites coming together as one to create.

I felt intuitively not to work this week due to our situation and I am so happy I did that because now I can be at peace; creating a ripple effect of peace. Working on ourselves creates a ripple effect that affects the universe (beautiful)💗

(believe it because its true😉).

I encourage you to follow your intuition and do what is obvious to you personally, no matter if it doesn't make sense! try it, unapologetically and fearlessly.

Scream out loud and embrace the loving release that follows, tense up all your muscles and experience a burst of relaxation as you let go of the tension. Fully hate without guilt and experience unconditional love. Be happy and then be sad about being happy. Be sad and then be happy about being sad.

I say, don't let the world be yours i.e. don't let the shit out their influence you. You influence the world by being you! conscious and unconsciously, unapologetically!

Love and Light to everyone Have a beautiful day. 🌞

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