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Welcome 2021

31/12/2020: This year was crazy good and crazy bad but as I look back, I can really appreciate every moment. 2020 was definitely a time of intuition and connecting to our intuitive power, all of us became Creative Geniuses and became a ware of our personal power. The epidemic forced us to become "individualists", we were forced to become self-aware and make major life changes to reconstruct our lives. As much as I believe it is all a conspiracy, I also believe its Divine Intervention. The Universe is filled with contradiction and beautiful intervention - this is one of them.

2021 = 5 and connects to the Hierophant

5 is a spiritual number, it represents the expression of love and freedom.

In the enneagram, 5 is "The Investigator", and a healthy investigator observes everything with extra ordinary perceptiveness and insight. Displays foresight and predictive abilities. They are visionaries, open minded and take things in whole in their true context.

The Hierophant reminds us to commit to a spiritual practice to ensure conscious contact to our higher power. The rituals are for our highest good as to honour the Divine and to incorporate magical energy and guiding power into our daily lives.

I love the meaning of the Hierophant from "Green Witch" tarot deck: "working within social/cultural customs, organizations, routines, formats, schedules, security, transmitted teachings, inspiration, rites and ceremonies, codifying spiritual insights, scholarly pursuit of spiritually understanding".

It very much connects with my understanding of the Winter Solstice Event I watched with Jennifer Racioppi and Colette Baron-Reid. Jennifer spoke about how we are entering a time of community and how we can best serve the community.

We are encouraged to look at what we love and to fully immerse ourselves into that which we love. We need to become investigators of what are our intentions, what are we aiming to achieve and what are our dreams. It will be important to focus on how we express ourselves, how we are responsible and respond to our actions.

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