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A Reading with me  

I use my abilities as an empath and intuitive to give readings.

I encourage you to have an open mind to receive the messages revealed through the cards. . 

I am not a fortune teller nor do I do readings to reveal the future.


The future holds infinite possibilities that are created by our conscious and unconsciousness. 

I inspire and guide you to understanding your strengths and shadow-self in any situation. It is my intention to inspire you to embrace your greatness and love your shadows and become the powerful creator you were born to be.

Once you have decided on the Reading of your choice, click on the Intake Form button, fill it in and submit it; then click on the PayPal buy now button for your chosen reading.

Your Reading will be sent within 7 days.

Please email me an unfiltered photo of yourself. 

Discover Your Potential: Strength & Shadow-self- 470nis

This is my signature reading executed with your Astrology birth chart lay-out to help you connect to your energetic Soul-Self, understanding your strengths and shadow-self.

Additional questions (170nis)

I don't mind to clarify information on a completed reading,

if however you need to ask more questions on a completed reading, there will be an additional fee.

Chakra - Reading - 470nis

Discover your divine spark

In this Reading we discover your chakra energy & chakric development process. We delve deep with the "Oracle of the 7 Energies" Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid, and look at each of your 7 chakras to inspire self-healing and well-being.

for this reading you will need to fill in the questionnaire in 

this link 👇

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